Furr-Ever Homes: Fall 2019

Pets and Real Estate New Orleans


When it comes to buying a new house, the best way to make it a home is by adding a furry friend! Or, at least, that’s what the real estate agents of Be New Orleans believe!


We love offering the service of picking out your next pet to go with your new home. Here are some of our favorites that need a home right now! All animals featured on this post are from Zeus’ Rescue. 



Real Estate & Dogs New Orleans


Boris is an 8-year-old rat terrier mix who, sadly, had a broken pelvis. The only lingering issue is that he can’t jump! He’s got a clean bill of health and weighs only 10 lbs!


Boris’ Real Estate Needs: Since Baby B isn’t going to be entering any dog shows, and we definitely want him to be comfy, we think a mid-century modern in Lake Vista is calling his name! If you’re thinking of taking Boris to the suburbs, a brick ranch in Metairie would be great for him too.





Real Estate and Dogs New Orleans


Typhoon is a terrier/pit-bull mix and is 3 years old. He’s the goodest boy and obviously a ton of fun!


Typhoon’s Real Estate Needs: Since it’s unknown if he’s housebroken, we think you’re going to need a yard. Where does one get a large back yard in New Orleans? It’s gotta be Algiers. The Old Aurora neighborhood offers massive yards and cinder block homes. With this brute, you need something sturdy!





Real estate and dogs New Orleans


Sheree is a 6-year-old Chihuahua looking for Mister Right! She’s no fuss, no muss with her short coat and petite stature.


Sheree’s Real Estate Needs: Since Miss Sheree is pocket size, she’s perfect for a condo in the Warehouse District or the Lower Garden District.





Real Estate and Pets New Orleans


Velvet is a 6-year-old lady who has clearly seen some things. She’s a curvier gal, which gives you more to love!


Velvet’s Real Estate Needs: All she really needs is a window with sunshine to make her happy. We think any neighborhood is going to fit her needs, but the Fairgrounds might be the best. Cozy cottages will help keep her warm!




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