Rentals: Will they allow my pets?

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When you begin looking for you New Orleans apartment, you will begin to notice a lot of landlords do not allow pets. Or they have restrictions on what pets they will allow.

This isn’t uncommon – so brace yourself for it now.


What kind of pet restrictions? 

They can range from not allowing any pets at all, to only accepting cats or small dogs or pets under a certain weight. (Put Fido on a diet, ASAP)


Will there be a deposit? 

You betcha. It will either be a refundable or non-refundable pet deposit. Make sure you ask ahead of time.


Why will no one allow my pit bull/rottweiler/etc.?

Landlords are not out to get you when it comes to your pitt bull. (And saying your dog is a mix won’t fly. They want to know what kind of mix.)

A lot of time their homeowners insurance won’t cover “aggressive breed” dogs without a much higher premium. (Chihuahuas should be added to this list. JS.)


What if I register my dog as a service animal? 

Yeah…. landlords have wised up to that trick. A real service animal provides an actual service and has been trained to do so. Even the emotional service dogs are trained. (Real ones, at least.)

The potential landlord can ask what service the dog is performed to train. Lying about this can be grounds for eviction later on.

Also, quit giving a bad name to service animals out there by doing these bogus registries.


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