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Few things feel more rewarding to me than planting something and watching it grow. Seriously, the joy I feel when one of my plants is blooming is pure – be it a flower,  a jalapeño, or a satsuma – there is something inspiring about knowing you planted, nurtured, and cared for a plant to help it reach its potential.  If I’m going through a particularly stressful time and I need to get out of my head, I know exactly where to go to shift my focus… now like many New Orleanians, I don’t have a yard. But what I do have is a balcony, which for me is even better. Container gardening is way less intimidating and I am less likely to forget to tend to my plants. Also, the pride I feel when neighbors and visitors pass by and compliment my balcony is real.

As much as I love to garden, I almost love to visit plant nurseries even more. They are so inviting – people are happy and relaxed, there are cats hanging about, sometimes bunnies, chickens, turtles and goats too!

Then there are all of those gorgeous plants – all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes. My heart is beating a little faster just typing the words!

Outdoor, indoor, fertilizers, amazing pots – you can even buy ladybugs to help fend off pesky aphids who are destroying your plants. And you know, then you have LADYBUGS!

We are so lucky in New Orleans because we have some wonderful nurseries who are staffed with very friendly & KNOWLEDGEABLE folks who know exactly the right questions to ask. The ones to help you determine what would work best for you, your yard, and sometimes limited skillsets. Don’t be shy! ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS! Trust me gardeners are passionate and love to help educate you and set you up for success.

So let’s get into some fantastic local spots to shop for all your gardening needs!



Westbank & North Shore

Banting’s Nursery   – this one actually has two locations one in Bridge City on the West Bank and the other on the North Shore in Lacombe.

Rose Garden Center – also found on the West Bank but in Marrero. Folks swear by the roses at Rose’s.



American Aquatic Gardenslocated  on Elysian Fields- this is my personal favorite to buy pots, which they usually have at least an annual sale on. It’s a serene paradise with the most beautiful water lilies and other aquatic plants.



Harold’s Indoor and Outdoor Plants  – whether you live in the Bywater or not, it’s worth the trip to go to Harold’s. There’s always a cat or two supervising the place and the folks that work there are super helpful.



Irish Channel

Urban Roots this is the place that started it all for me and has since became my happy place. Urban Roots shares its space with some pretty adorable rescue animals. Gorgeous Plants + Rescue Animals = True Love Always.



The Plant Gallery  – this little nursery went BIG. It began in the French Quarter with two employees but since 1998 they have called Airline Highway Home to their 98,000 square-foot facility. Specializing in floral, landscape, maintenance, and plant rental services and employing over 60 professionals. 




Perino’s Home & Garden Center  – you can find this nursery on the corner of Veterans Blvd. and Causeway Blvd in Metairie. Known for it’s wide variety and quality of plants and flowers.


Happy Gardening Y’all! 


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