I Got Hot Sauce In My Bag


It’s Hot Sauce Day (January 22nd), and you can’t talk about hot sauce without giving credit to the many Louisiana Hot Sauce producers. Oysters, po-boys, breakfast foods, and Bloody Marys all crave a little heat. Check out some of our favorites and some we just know y’all love.


Hot Sauce for People with Refined Pallettes

I am a Crystal girl myself, and not just because it started right here in New Orleans. In my humble opinion it’s the just the right blend and heat.  It goes on everything from eggs to cocktails and beyond. I’d call it the black dress of the hot sauce world. If you need a little extra heat- there’s a Crystal “Extra Hot Sauce” for that.

A little lagniappe: Prior to Katrina, the factory was located on Tulane Avenue and the Crystal sign sat proudly on top of the factory.  Unfortunately, the logo was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina and the factory was moved to Reserve, LA. The insignia has since been replicated and placed atop a new apartment building, built on the same site as the old factory. Today the iconic sign is still visible on the city skyline. 


Hot Sauce that is Crystal’s #1 competition (but not allowed in my house)

Moving on down the line, to the world famous Tabasco Brand Original Red Sauce produced on Avery Island. This recipe has been used by McIlhenny family for nearly 150 years. It’s distinct flavor is unmistakable. Recommended as seasoning for red beans, guacamole and even brownies. (Who doesn’t love a little heat with their sweet?) Of course, the product line has expanded so if you are looking for a Chipotle, Habanero or even Garlic Pepper sauce they have you covered.

On a side note you can go visit Avery Island and you should. It is beautiful and only about a 2.5 hour drive from New Orleans. It’s built on a salt dome, the red peppers grow there, and you can take a tour of the factory. There’s even wildlife to be seen in the Jungle Gardens.  


Hot Sauce that ya mama recommended

Out of Morgan City, comes the D.a.T. Sauce. I haven’t had the occasion to sample this just yet, but it’s tag line is “A Little Bit of HOT With A Whole Lot Of Flavor” this is a thick, dark-red sauce flecked with chili seeds. Recommended to cook with, mix with or as a dip or sauce.

It was created as a play on the sauce their grandfather used to make. D.a.T is also all natural with no preservatives.


Hot Sauce that tastes like Crystal, but we still love it

And we can’t talk about Louisiana hot sauces without talking about New Iberia’s, Louisiana Brand “the Perfect” Hot Sauce. Touted as finely balanced and proudly “Certified Cajun”. According to their website it’s made the original Louisiana way, where peppers are combined with vinegar and salt, and then left to ferment during the aging process. Similar to other brands, the product line has expanded to include a variety of  flavored sauces and wing sauces. Recommended to look for that signature red dot (on the label) when you are shucking oysters or looking to spice up your jambalaya. 


Local Hot Sauces found in restaurants 

Del Fuego– if you haven’t had their Carrot Habanero and Pineapple Serrano, run don’t walk. Pro-tip: you can buy the 5 oz. bottle for $5!

Juan’s Flying Burrito– Red Chile Sauce (Mild) and Guajillo Pepper Chile Sauce (Spicy). They have a pineapple habanero too. But it’s only upon request! Ask away!

Cochon ButcherSweet Potato Habañero Sauce: a little sweet and a little spice 5 oz. bottle for $8.50 and Hot Sauce: traditionally crafted Cajun Classic 5 oz. bottle for $6.50.

Rosalita’s Backyard Tacos – all I can tell you is the hot sauce comes highly recommended!

Rum and the Lash– Chef Aloysius uses his secret hot sauce in at least two different recipes. Ask him if you can buy a bottle when he whips up his next batch.


This is not all inclusive list-tell us what your working with and why!  


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