Holy Moly Cross

First, let me start with Holy Cross is not St. Bernard parish. I never thought I would have to say that, but it came up as an Instagram comment. It’s a little further out, but so worth the extra 5 minutes of drive time. It’s quiet, serene, unpretentious, and (here is the kicker!) affordable! While your closest grocery store is across parish lines, it’s still only 5-10 minutes away. I hope the residents of this amazing neighborhood don’t get upset that I’m trying to entice you down there.



Holy Cross could be considered a food desert with its lack of grocery store and unavailability of fresh foods. Sankofa tries to fill that void by opening its fresh stop market every Saturday from 9-1. They sell lots of varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even get free-range, local eggs, local shrimp, & Lower 9th ward honey! The market also accepts federal food assistance benefits.


Take a stroll on the levee

Growing up here, we spent a lot of time playing on and rolling down the levees. It makes me feel safe and at home whenever I talk a walk along with them. The levee in Holy Cross has a great city view. There are benches for sitting and watching the river traffic and joggers go by. You can even catch a view of the Doullut Steamboat houses that were built in the early 1900s.


Cafe Dauphine

I’ve never left Cafe Dauphine without being overly stuffed and very satisfied. My first experience there, my dining companion was known the second we walked in the door. When I asked if he frequented there a lot, he said he had been often, but they were that welcoming every time he came.

Cafe Dauphine is the only restaurant in Holy Cross – so it’s a good thing they are phenomenal. The fish smothered in peppers and onions was seasoned and cooked so well, that my next time visit there, I didn’t hesitate to order it again. And don’t even think about leaving there without ordering the bread pudding! I feel like the calories don’t count when it’s THAT good. They know, take care of, and appreciate their clientele. It will only take one visit for you to become a regular.


While you may see a little of this in Holy Cross…


You will see a lot of this…


Whatever preconceived notions you have about Holy Cross, cast them aside & come take a drive-through. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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