Should I Buy a Home in New Orleans?

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You love New Orleans. You love it so much you want to marry it and buy your own New Orleans home. Now the question pops into your mind: Should I buy a home in New Orleans? 

The real question should be WHY NOT?


What about Katrina? 

Hurricane Katrina was a freak storm and a situation that was beyond our control. Over 80% of the city flooded and it wasn’t from rainwater. None of us could have predicted that type of catastrophe. And we sure hope to never have it happen again.


What about regular flooding? 

Ok, you got me there! Sewage & Water Board has let us down with broken pumps for our street flooding problem. You can help make your block better by keeping your drains cleared of any debris. Also, before you buy the house, ask a neighbor about street flooding during our summer storms. It’s more likely to flood your car before your house.


Isn’t New Orleans dangerous? 

Like all major cities, you need to be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t walk around flashing cash. Take a cab if you don’t feel comfortable. Use your noggin.


Do you plan on actually living here? 

New Orleans needs more people planning to live in the actual city and be a good neighbor. If you’re planning on buying something just to Air BnB it full time – you currently can NOT get a permit unless you occupy the home as well.


Is it always hot? 

Not always – but it stays pretty hot from June through September. You will learn to cherish that lovely spring weather we get though!


But, you get to live in New Orleans. 

New Orleans is magical. It has its own soul and each neighborhood has a different vibe. Accents vary all over the city. People are welcoming. And we basically have a parade for anything. While there are definite pros and cons to living here – some of us just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.


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