Home Issues – Don’t share with the world

Home Issues


GAH!!!! You have a roof leak, or a pipe exploded under the sink, or you have a rat infestation. I’m really sorry to hear about this. Home issues are scary and as your favorite New Orleans real estate agent, let me give you a name and number to someone who can help!

What you should not do in this situation is head to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and start posting about it for the world to see. You shouldn’t share all your home issues with the world.



Why not? Maybe a friend has been in this same situation before!


Maybe they have been. And they could be super helpful in giving you a roofer’s name. When you go to sell that house, that one post may come back to haunt you – if you aren’t honest.


Gather round kids – I’ve got a story for you! 

Once upon a time, a young couple was looking to buy a house. The particular house the couple wanted to buy – the seller was Facebook friends with their real estate agent. When inspections went very poorly, the buyers were told that the seller had no previous knowledge of a roof defect. (It was not disclosed on their property disclosures)

Cue Maury Povich: That was a lie.


How do you know they were lying? 

Easy. The buyer’s agent screenshot the multiple posts that the seller put on Facebook complaining about the roof, not being able to find the leak, and not being able to fix it properly.


EEK! Are you serious?

Sure am. And that deal did not work out. Which was likely better in the end. The buyers could prove fraud and could have sued the sellers. By telling the truth on your property disclosures, it could have saved everyone some time and money.



Don’t lie on your property disclosures but also don’t post all your business to social media. Maybe they had gotten the roof fixed at that point, but it didn’t bode well for them by lying about it in the first place. Then with the help of the internet, they could have had a serious lawsuit on their hands.


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