Hot Hoods! December Edition

December Hot Neighborhoods of New Orleans


Welcome back to HOT HOODS! It’s our monthly roundup of what the hottest neighborhoods in New Orleans were for the previous month. We take a look at all the single-family home sales, in different price ranges, from all over New Orleans.



New Orleans hot ‘hoods for December are as followed:

0-$100k: St. Claude

$100-$200k: New Orleans East

$200-$300k: Pontchartrain Park

$300-$400k: Irish Channel

$400-$500k: Lakeview

$500k-$750k: East Carrollton

$750k-$1M: Bayou St. John

$1M and Up: Touro


What these numbers mean: 

St. Claude is finding itself back in the winner’s spot for houses under $100k. These are very likely to be distressed properties in need of total overhauls.

Seeing New Orleans East in the $100k-$200k is no surprise. They have extremely consistent sales numbers in this price range.

Finding Pontchartrain Park on our list was quite a shock. Homes between $200k-$300k in this neighborhood are typically renovated well.

The Irish Channel has definitely seen lots of houses prices stabilize and even drop. This should not be a surprise to many as prices could not continue to climb.

Lakeview and East Carrollton should be of no surprise to anyone – as these price points are very common for the area.

What we do love seeing is Bayou St. John jumping into a higher price point! These couple of sales between $750k and $1 million are an exception though and not the norm.

Touro always sneaks in once a year with a couple of really big sales. Home prices stay steady between $600k to $1 million.


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