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Welcome to New Orleans! Your favorite New Orleans real estate agents want you to have all the necessary info to navigating our one-way and bumpy roads. If you’re eco-conscious or just love to pedal, you’re gonna love Blue Bikes!


If you’re new to the area, you might find yourself without a mode of transportation yet. The good news for you is that we have New Orleans Blue Bikes! Blue Bikes are an easy way to rent bicycles in New Orleans without having to commit to the upkeep of your own bike. Some of our past clients and friends use this convenient means of transit to get around during Mardi Gras, grocery shopping, and even getting to work


You can find the Blue Bike stands around New Orleans neighborhoods such as the Lower Garden District, Mid-City, Bywater, French Quarter, the CBD, and other neighborhoods.


Why use a Blue Bike in New Orleans? 

You get the ease of bike transportation without the hassle of upkeep! You can ride them anywhere in New Orleans and return them at a station that’s close to you.


What’s the cost of renting a Blue Bike?

They have a few options. Choose what’s best for you! If you’re just using it to take a tour around New Orleans for the day, you can opt for .10¢/minute

If your new life in New Orleans requires you to use a bike more frequently, you can choose the monthly plan. It’s $15/month with an hour of ride time per day.



There are student plans available for our co-eds too!

If you’re a Louisiana resident that uses Medicaid or SNAP, New Orleans Blue Bikes offers a reduced fare for you as well.


Why not take the streetcar? 

While the streetcars in New Orleans are awesome – they get filled to the brim when there is a festival going on, they stop service during Carnival for periods of time and undergo more maintenance which requires them to not run on a regular schedule.


With new stations being set up regularly across New Orleans, head to the Blue Bikes website for the most up to date map!


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