How to Maximize Space in a Small Home


While living in a cozy house has its perks – you may find yourself wondering to maximize space in a small home. You don’t have to part with all your treasures, but modest spaces require you to rethink what you acquire! Here are our top ways to give your rooms some more room! 



#1: Declutter

This should go without saying that you can’t live in a tinier space without having to purge the unnecessary clutter out of your life! Do you need a snow globe from every coastal town you’ve ever visited? Prolly not. Let’s get rid of the extra “stuff” and see how much space frees up! 



#2: Hang It Up

Not everything has to be on display every day. However, we have functional items we may not have room for. Have you considered hanging them up, though? 

In the kitchen, get a hanging kitchen rack for your pots. Love filling your space with plants? HANG THEM UP! 

Baskets or other decorative items that could double as storage are perfect for maximizing some space! 




#3: Multi-Purpose Furniture

We’ve all seen these awesome pieces that have bonus drawers for extra storage! Think of ottomans with drawers, a coffee table with bonus space, or awesome nesting tables offering bonus tables when needed. Your bed isn’t just for sleeping – you can get cool storage devices to hide beneath them or buy one with built-in drawers! 

I even once had a coffee table that the top pulled up to be a tv tray! 




#4: Hidden Heights

We love seeing people use the space above their doorframes. Add some shelves and use the space for anything you’d like! We’ve seen people use it as a bookshelf, a place to store luggage, and for more greenery! Don’t be afraid of placing things a little bit higher up. 




#5: Move your Furniture

Sometimes adding more room to your home is as simple as rearranging furniture. If you’re not great with furniture placement, they have an app for that! If you’d rather have a hands-on approach, I would reach out to a local home stager for some assistance! 



Many other ideas can trick your small home into seeming bigger – paint colors, buy smaller furniture, and truly live a minimalistic lifestyle. No matter what, as long are you’re happy in your space, that’s all that matters! 



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