Why small houses are better


As a person who lives in 860 square feet with another human and two dogs, I might be a tad biased regarding smaller homes. Seeing the reactions, I receive when mentioning my home size is fascinating. Often, I get replies like “how do you do it, or where do you put all your things?” (I can answer those questions again!) 

Once you get past the idea that you need to have a ton of “things” in your home, it’s easier to understand why more compact houses are better! Here are my top 5 reasons why you should buy a small home! 



#1: More affordable

While the rest of the world is fixated on needing all this space, you can focus on saving those dollar bills! Having a smaller footprint means it’s less space to keep warm during the winter and cool during the summer. And as Entergy continues raising the costs on our monthly bills, it doesn’t sting as bad when your space is smaller! 


When it comes time to replace a roof, the invoice will always be lower since they don’t have to buy as many shingles. This goes for a lot of maintenance costs in general. My termite contract was less because the house isn’t as large, getting my living room painted was far cheaper, etc. 



#2: Easier to clean

Each time I walk into a 3000-square-foot house, I wonder, “who is going to dust all of this?” And while you can hire someone or make your kids do it, it’s much more ground to cover. While this may not be your concern, those who think like me should consider a smaller living space. I don’t want to spend every Saturday cleaning my house because it’s way more room than I actually need! 




#3: You can’t be a hoarder

Living in a smaller home means you cannot become a collector of goods. You have to think about what you’re bringing into your home. This keeps you from stockpiling things that will just collect dust! 

And, tbh, this will save you money down the road too! 



#4: Happiness! 

FUN FACT: A study by psychologists at the University of Illinois found that people who live in smaller homes are generally happier than those who live in larger homes. The researchers believe this is because people who live in smaller homes feel more in control of their environment and have fewer distractions from important relationships. 




#5: Getting a deal

Smaller homes typically cost less to purchase. Since many shy away from them, it’s an opportunity for you to grab a deal! This may mean you have to sacrifice some things on your wish list – for example, you may have to work with one bathroom – but does the savings outweigh the space for you? It did for me! 



People love their smaller spaces because they’re a little more intimate, they can be environmentally friendly, and they can be more unique! Don’t let anyone talk you out of the home you love because it’s not enough space for them. It’s about what is the right size for YOU. 




Let’s talk about finding the right size for you! Start by texting us for a meeting! 


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