How to Sell a Luxury Home in New Orleans

how to sell your luxury home in new orleans


The luxury home market is very different in New Orleans. You will come across million-dollar homes that require a full renovation and others that are simply exquisite. What it all comes down to is your luxury home’s location, amenities, and condition. Here is how to sell a luxury home in New Orleans:


#1: Staging

Many of our gorgeous old New Orleans homes are filled with antiques and can be very dark. While we are looking for a new house owner, we want to stage the home to feel as light and breezy as possible. Especially if the house is vacant, tons of wide-open spaces can feel daunting on how much furniture is needed to fill it.

We will bring in a staging professional to make your home as inviting as possible to attract your buyer.



#2: Painting

When someone is paying over a million dollars for a home in New Orleans, they will likely bring in a decorator to outfit the home. However, if you haven’t painted the house since the 90s, it probably needs a fresh coat of paint. This can help the potential buyers see a more blank canvas and envision their lives there.



#3: Decluttering

Decluttering is something we suggest for all homes – but we will push for it in a luxury home. While you can have the most beautiful antiques and art pieces, too many of these will feel like the house is crowded. What we need is for the right buyer to start mentally placing their belongings throughout your home. This is achieved by paring down your items across the house.



#4: Handle repairs

There isn’t much more that is off-putting for luxury homes in New Orleans than water stains on the ceiling or other obvious repair needs. Buyers in this price range expect a certain level of care with a home. Take care of these issues before listing so your house can shine.



#5: House history

People of New Orleans LOVE telling their friends the house history, age, and anything else they can know about it.

If you know the doors were salvaged from a nearby school in the early 1900s – let us know! We want to put together a book of all the info we can get ascertain. These history lessons help a buyer feel invested in a home.

We can also suggest using Once Upon a Home for the full house history. Though, we may need to begin that a month before listing.



#6: The bells and whistles

We will gather a list of all the amazing bells and whistles your New Orleans luxury home offers as well.

Subzero fridge – check. Light fixtures from Paris – check. Mural from Ashley Longshore – check. Whatever it is, we want to highlight.



#7: Don’t be afraid to try someone new

You don’t have to use the same luxury agent that everyone on your block uses. Trust us; many of us can creatively market your home for maximum exposure.



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