Inspections Aren’t Pass or Fail

Inspections Aren't Pass or Fail


When it comes to buying your New Orleans and having inspections completed – we need to remind you inspections aren’t pass or fail. No letter grade is given, and the inspector doesn’t say their homework is incomplete! LOL

Let’s go through how this actually works! 




If a home’s components are at the end of their life expectancy – the home inspector will note that. If the item is still working (for example, an older water heater may still be working fine, but it’s “past its expiration date”), you may find that a seller is not open to replacing it. 

Unless it can be shown that the component isn’t working correctly, then the item is not “failing.” That’s how close you will get to a “pass/fail” situation during home inspections. 




For home items like the HVAC system, if the item was correctly installed and everything functions the way it should be – this would be considered a “pass.” However, it never quite works like that. 

When it comes to inspections, we often find a few small things with every major mechanic in a house that needs some minor tweaks. This is normal and should be expected. We do not ask a seller to correct every small item we find. Some of these issues you will have to tackle as the next homeowner. 



Homebuying can feel stressful when you navigate inspections and wonder, “Is this house going to fall down around me?” As your New Orleans real estate agents, we are here to help guide you through this and ensure you’re not taking on more than you can handle! 


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