Is it the house or is it the furniture?


Every real estate agent has seen this situation happen: Buyer walks into a VERY CUTE home decorated like it’s a magazine. It’s Pinterest perfect, and your client is going gaga over it. They now must own this home because they have envisioned a new life with all this STUFF in it.



Take a moment and ask yourself, “Is it the house, or is it the furniture?”

We have seen some houses in rough shape, or the floor plan isn’t great, or whatever other reason you may not actually adore this home – but the right furniture and decor will give it a whole new vibe.

You need to look past the decor and look at the actual house. Yes, that mid-century modern couch is stunning. But are the walls cracking? What’s that stain on the ceiling? Are we leaning to the right?



The other side of things

As busy real estate agents, we have also seen the flip side of this scenario – the furniture does not go with the house AT ALL.

Maybe it’s a stunning Mid-Century modern filled with frat boy couches. Perhaps it’s a 150-year-old Victorian with 1990s particle board furniture. No matter what it is, envision the space EMPTY. The furniture is not staying with the house. So the travesty that lays in front of you won’t be there on closing day!




What if I want the furniture? 

If the furniture is excellent, you can inquire about purchasing it. However, sellers will not typically cut you a discount, and real estate agents don’t negotiate that deal.

As a home buyer, note what items you’d like, do your research and be prepared to pay whatever the market value is for those items.

As a home seller, don’t try to use furniture in lieu of repairs. We have seen some offer ratty couches instead of fixing the plumbing. Let me tell you – no home buyer wants that. If you want to sell furniture and know that before listing your home, make a thorough list of pieces and prices.

We also suggest to both parties that we get past the inspection period before discussing the sale of any furniture. You don’t want to muddy the waters with a furniture negotiation when we have bigger things at hand.


Parting Words

If you’d like to purchase furniture from a home, the home buyer and home seller should come to an agreement and draft a bill of sale. Your real estate agents do not handle these items.

Lastly, think about the house without any of the current furniture or art. Do you still love the place? If so, go ahead and make an offer!



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