Is Your Agent Hurting Your Home Sale?


Let’s get this out in the open: not all agents are created equal.

There are amazing real estate agents, mediocre ones, and then terrible ones. Like any industry, you’re bound to come across a real estate agent who may actually hurt the sale of your house. Is your agent hurting your home sale?



#1. Are they offering a low commission?

If your agent offers you a meager commission, it can hinder what agents show your homes.

Offering a commission of only 1% or 2% on your home sale makes it less desirable to show. Why? Because real estate agents show a lot of houses and work hard to get a potential buyer into your home. If you aren’t offering a competitive percentage, trust us, you will have agents steer clear of your properties.

We want to state that this is not ok and real estate agents should show any house that the buyer wants to visit. But, we are keeping it real and telling you it does happen. It is a code of ethics violation, though! 



#2. Are they generally disliked?

There are some real estate agents in the New Orleans metro area that none of us want to work with. Now, we can’t pick and choose who brings an offer to our listing – but some agents will skip your house because your agent isn’t well received.

They typically aren’t liked by other agents because they are known to be difficult to work with or might be known as “shady.”

Again, agents should show any home that their buyer is interested in. But, they will steer people away from your listing if they don’t like the agent. This is also an ethics violation and is not ok in our book! 



#3. Do they make it difficult to show your house?

Many agents insist on being at every single showing. That doesn’t bother me as much as they try to force us to change our showing schedule to accommodate theirs.

Or, they follow the buyers from room to room pointing out obvious things… like a bathroom. (This has happened on way more than one occasion!)



#4. Are they team players?

If you have a super aggressive agent who thinks screaming and aggressively going at other agents is the way to do business, then you’re going to have hurdles selling your home.



#5: Did they get professional photos taken?

If your agent says, they will list your home with cell phone pics and post-professional ones later – say no. If your agent thinks they are a home photographer, but they whip out their cell phone, say no.

Photos sell your home before anyone walks in the door. And iPhone pics just won’t cut it.




#6. Are they notorious for dual agency?

Dual agency is typically a bad idea. But if you’re working with an agent who likes to double-end all their deals, they will make it extra hard for a buyer to get into the house if they are working with another agent. Your agent should be looking for a buyer no matter what, even if it means they won’t get both sides of the commission.



Do your research, ask questions, and choose wisely. Home selling is a big deal and should be treated as such.


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