Why You Want a Full-Time Real Estate Agent

Why You Want a Full-Time Real Estate Agent


Why you want a full-time real estate agent. 

If you’re looking to buy for the first time, you may take to social media to ask your friends who they used. Then you’re going to bombarded with replies and people tagging every damn real estate agent in the New Orleans metro area. How do you know is the right fit for you? Whomever it is, they need to be a full-time real estate agent.

Maybe you’re looking to sell your home and move out of the area, or sell and buy another house. But, you didn’t love your last agent, or they aren’t in the business anymore, or you may not even remember who that person was. Was it Julie… or John… If you’re asking yourself that, then maybe you didn’t have the best experience with them.


Take a moment. Breathe. Now let’s get down to business. 

One of the most important questions to ask a real estate agent is, “Are you a full-time agent?” If they aren’t – move on. You aren’t their priority. You want to hire a committed agent who didn’t get into the business yesterday and doesn’t disappear for months on end.

What’s your agent track record? How many houses did they sell last year? Do they stop working just because it is festival season in New Orleans? When summer comes, do they leave for 3 months?


Let me add, agents are allowed to take vacation and days off, but I’m talking about the people who sometimes work. They dabble in real estate when it’s convenient for them. 

These agents, what I call, “sometimes agents” don’t know the different bond programs. Hell, they barely know the regular loan programs.

“Sometimes agents” may not know new code violations that will be flagged in your inspections.

“Sometimes agents” typically don’t know what will not pass an FHA appraisal. You learn these from educating yourself and from doing lots of deals.

“Sometimes agents” tend to get their checks and peace out.

“Sometimes agents” don’t know about real estate trends.

“Sometimes agents” don’t know if you’re about to make a bad investment decision.

You want… No… You NEED an agent who wants the very best for you. You want someone who doesn’t want you in just any house, but in the right house.


How do you avoid “sometimes agents”?

Ask your agent the right questions.

  1. Who takes care of your business when you’re out of town?
  2. Are you a full-time real estate agent?
  3. How many deals did you do last year?
  4. How do you keep me updated on my neighborhood after the sale?
  5. How familiar are you with the areas I’m looking in?


If you prefer to go off a friend’s recommendation, at least Google the agent and read their reviews. This will give you a good sense of how they operate. The one non-negotiable when it comes down to hiring an agent though, they need to be a full-time real estate agent.


The Be New Orleans team is more than happy to interview as your New Orleans real estate agent. If we aren’t the right fit, we are happy to refer you to someone else who might be! If you’re moving out of New Orleans, no matter where you go, we can refer you to a great agent!


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