Kid-Free Home Buying Advice: 8 Things to Consider

Kid-Free Home Buying


While many of you are having enough kids to fill the New Orleans Saints offensive line, plenty of our clients are opting to live a kid-free life.

Whether this kid-free life is by choice or circumstance, this can offer you some real advantages in the New Orleans real estate market! Here are some hot tips to make this work for you:


#1. You don’t have to worry about school districts! 

School districts in New Orleans are basically non-existent. However, that doesn’t stop people from wanting to live near the top charter schools for better chances to get their kids in. (Haynes, Lusher, Audubon, and Bricolage are the schools you will see a mom put your eye out for!)


#2. Think about one bathroom homes

Having a second bathroom is where the price of your home goes up. One bathroom homes are cheaper and are typically in less demand (don’t forget though – this is New Orleans. There are LOTS of one bathroom houses). 

Instead of passing up perfectly good homes that are way under your budget, consider living with one bath for now. How many guests do you really have??

If you living with a significant other, I would think about two sinks though. As a person who shares one bathroom and sink with a bearded person, there are days you might want to strangle each other.



#3. Consider non-traditional floor plans & shotgun homes

You know those cool, funky houses you see in magazines? Well, one of those could be yours since you don’t have to consider kids and their stuff.

Shotgun homes are often overlooked by people with children too. Because this isn’t your situation,  you can easily swoop in and grab that house that many others won’t consider.



#4. You can buy at any time

The busiest season for real estate is spring to early summer. This is when most people start prepping to move before the next school year starts.

Since you are kid-free this doesn’t affect your life –  you can buy in the dead of summer and even around the holidays. These times of the year (and during Mardi Gras!) are when the fewest amount of buyers are looking. Take advantage of this timing and get yourself a sweet deal.


#5. One & Two Bedroom Homes

Nobody with kids is going to consider a one-bedroom home. If you’re wondering why you would, I’ve got the answers. Maybe you’re a hermit, maybe you don’t like people staying at your house, maybe you have a small budget – whatever the reason, one-bedroom houses sell all the time. You can get a great house at an even better price because these homes are targeted towards a specific type of buyer.

Two-bedroom homes are not a place that breeders are pining after – but this works for kid-free you! Now you can get that guest room that will actually become a room you throw all your miscellaneous crap in!



#6. Unique Features

New Orleans homes tend to have unique features that many with kids won’t even consider. What are they? Window units, wall heaters, spiral staircases, sex dungeons, lofts, and houses without sidewalks – to name a few. Leverage this for your child-free home and make an offer.

Later, you can add central air or the ductless wall units to your home.  Since you don’t have rugrats, it will make it much easier to coordinate with the AC and heating company.

If the home you love has carpet – trust us, many people with kids have passed on it already. Think about making an offer and asking for a carpet allowance.

Don’t let some oddball items kill a house for you. Get creative, use Pinterest, and hire an interior designer to make this space truly yours.


#7. Get a house on a busy street

Those with little ones saw that house was on a busy street and immediately said “NO THANKS!”

This is a great opportunity for you to get a fabulous house at a much lower price. We’ve seen some gorgeous homes sell at low prices because of the street.

Just remember, it may be hard to sell later on. But, you can take advantage now and save money in the long run. (Please consider how difficult it may be to exit a driveway during rush-hour though!)



#8. Houses without yards

Homes filled with kids must have yards. Your home is just you (and potentially a partner and pet)! 

Large yards are hard enough to find – so why fight a family of five for this yard you won’t use? Contemplate getting a place with much less outdoor space. You can make even the smallest of yards dreamy! Think beautiful outdoor lighting, rug, sofa, and an awesome mural on the fence.

Make it Pinterest-worthy and people will be clamoring to buy it when you sell later on.


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