Let there be ART!

"Beignets Don't Wear Black" by June Valentine-Ruppe



Have you ever thought you wanted to start collecting art but felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the process?

Worried you didn’t have the money or didn’t know enough about what made a good piece or lousy piece? Didn’t know if something you had seen was a good investment or if you should genuinely even think about art as an investment? Turned off by the thought of pretentious galleries and deep conversations that you are secretly concerned you won’t get, or you just don’t care about? ME TOO on all of this!


I am here to help liberate you from the fear that’s holding you back from walking through the gallery doors or buying that phenomenal piece of street art.

I certainly do not consider myself sophisticated or refined, and I don’t shower in champagne, roll around in money, and guess what… I collect ART!


I don’t buy art because I think it will appreciate and make me money one day. I also don’t buy art because of the artist’s name, and I think I am achieving a level of status. I don’t even buy it because it’s practical. Nope, Nope, Nope.

I buy it because it speaks to my heart and my mind. I think of it, not as an investment. But, a stake in the artist, in my home, and my life!


I reached out to my friend and French Quarter gallery owner, Tracy Gielbert of Gallery Orange to get a professional to weigh in on the subject and give us her advice.

Q: What tips would you give to someone just starting to collect?

A: LOVE what you buy and buy a BIGGER piece than you can afford.


Q: But for folks on a budget, why buy more prominent than you can afford?

A: So many young collectors buy small pieces, then eventually they move to larger homes and are stuck with a small piece of art.


Q: So how do they make the numbers work so they can afford to buy art? People are intimidated to ask for a payment plan.

A: Ask the gallery to work with you – most galleries will work out a payment plan with you. It’s a big purchase and a lot to spend at one time!


Side Note: The above is true. I’ve bought several pieces this way. We are so programmed to be shy when talking about money, or we think it’s rude and worry we will offend. There is no shame in this art game!


Life is short y’all buy the ART, but when you do think long-term and do consider a BIGGER piece, it makes a bold statement and typically means you will need to buy less art to adorn your walls!


I think big is the way to get started. But don’t shy away from a smaller piece if it makes your heart sing. Plan on buying a few small ones to group together and make your very own gallery wall!


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