Luscious Lower Coast

Lower Coast Algiers is all too often assumed to be Jefferson Parish, or even Belle Chasse! This New Orleans neighborhood is uniquely its own. It’s like going to a very rural part of Louisiana, but merely 15 minutes to downtown New Orleans. They have two well-known gated communities in their parts, The Arbors & English Turn. If you drive past the entrance to those, you will find yourself in a land of horses, wild hogs, and other wildlife. There aren’t many businesses down there, but here are a look at the two we could find!


A Studio in the Woods


Founded by Joe & Lucianne Carmichael, A Studio in the Woods is composed of over 7 acres of hardwood forest, nestled along the Mississippi River. Established to preserve endangered forest area, they house several artists’ residencies in a breathtaking, natural setting. The land was gifted to Tulane University in 2004, furthering ASITW’s commitment to protecting the environment and focusing on modern society’s relationship with nature. ASITW offers a camp for kids ages 7-11 for four weeks every summer, at the end of which families are invited to attend a performance piece put on by camp attendees. They also host an annual ticketed event called FORESTival that is open to the public, which features music, food, and art activities throughout the day. Don’t miss their annual fundraiser, Studio on the Half Shell, hosted by Patricia Strachan on Thursday, April 19, 2018.


Sugar Roots Farm


Sharessa Garland launched Sugar Roots Farm a few years ago as a non-profit working farm, built to provide a place for children to learn about sustainable farming practices through hands on experience. The farm is dedicated to protecting and giving back to our environment, from sourcing their livestock feed from local food bank waste, to producing their own compost. Sugar Roots offers educational field trips during the week for children to learn about the ethical treatment of animals, conservation, recycling, and repurposing of materials. The farm is available for birthday parties, providing children with horseback rides, and time to visit with animals on the farm. A day camp is offered on the farm for children ages 5-12 for 2 weeks during the summer.


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