Moving to New Orleans: Rentals

Renting in New Orleans


We have a lot of soon-to-be New Orleanians that contact us about finding a place to live – specifically a place to rent.

As of June 2019, the rents in New Orleans have tripled since 2006. if you want a 2 bedroom, in a walkable neighborhood, that allows pets and more – don’t expect to pay less than $1300/month. In the HOT neighborhoods of New Orleans, you’re more likely to pay in the range of $1700-$2000/month for more than one bedroom.


What if I need a place and can’t see it before moving to New Orleans? 

That’s actually super common. I can’t tell you how many people we have helped find a place site unseen.


What?! Do people rent a place without seeing it in person? 

All the damn time.


If you’re wondering how – it’s easy. 

Clients tell us everything they need. Bedrooms, price range, pets, and what their neighborhood needs are. We narrow down their search and send them listings. Based on photos, clients let us know what places have caught their eye. From there, we take videos of the properties and send them over via YouTube links. We also video the street so they can see what the neighbor’s house looks like.



While videoing the property, we will tell you if we can hear all the neighbors, or if the property smells weird, or if the street parking is terrible. We have to be honest! Because you’re going to find out once you move in. We only want happy clients and we want you to feel like we gave you all the info before you choose your new place!


How many people have rented places without seeing it in person? 

Hundreds. The rental market in New Orleans can be very competitive. Sometimes you have to make a decision without seeing the property in person.


Can you guarantee I won’t hate it? 

Nope! No one can do that. Because I don’t live there every day. There are things that come up with every place – no matter if you buy or rent. What I can do is talk to you about where this rental is and does it meet your needs.


Heads up! 

Any place listed by an agent will require a credit check, at a minimum. They will likely do a background check as well. If you have issues with these things, let us know ahead of time.



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