Rental Scams in New Orleans

rental scams


Y’all. We see it EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Rental scams make crooks a lot of money every year. Want to avoid these scams? Keep reading to see what the common mistakes are.


Rentals Scam #1: They say they are deaf. Or out of the country. 

These two reasons are very common in the rental scam world. They don’t want to get on the phone with you and be caught. Instead, they tell you to go look at the house – just through the windows.

Do you see how crazy this sounds now?

Don’t give anyone money on a property you haven’t been inside yourself. You can view them either with the owner or through a real estate professional if it’s listed by one.


Rental Scam #2: Don’t call the real estate agent on the sign. 

This is what scammers tell you! They try to convince people that the real estate agent is the scammer. The reason an agent’s sign is out there is that they have it listed – either for rent or for sale.

Call the agent and verify any information you’ve been given.


Rental Scam #3: How are they getting the house info? 

Easy. They find houses for sale, or for rent, and just steal the photos and info. Then they list them on shady websites and Craigslist at below market value prices. This is how they get so many people to send them money.

People that are desperate for housing tend to believe these scammers. Don’t fall victim to this!


How do I avoid getting scammed? 

We recommend hiring a real estate professional to help you find a place. Don’t worry, you don’t pay us – the landlords do.

If you see something on Craigslist or a random website you found, go drive by the house. See if there is a sign out front that might indicate the house is actually listed by a real estate agent.


Bottom line, if it’s too good to be true – it usually is. 


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