Multigenerational Living

multigenerational living


The reemerging trend we see with our homebuyers is multigenerational living. Well, we say the newest trend, but this was popular decades ago!

Many of our homebuyers are prepping for when mom and dad may have to live with them later in life or even current day!


Why are people living together again? 

Kids are moving back home, many houses require more than one paycheck, and our population is living much longer! We think it’s awesome when multiple generations live under one roof. But their housing needs are going to differ from others. 



What to look for if your home is multigenerational or going to be in the future: 


#1: Floor Plans

With elderly people in the house, some floor plans may be a dealbreaker for them. Especially with mobility issues, navigating stairs is not going to work for everyone. What you can look for is an ensuite that is downstairs to help ease that pain point. 



#2: Noise

You can love your family very much and still want peace and quiet. If you’re going to have a home with many age ranges, trying finding something with more square footage so people have room to sprawl. Another great option is a garage apartment for the older teens and early twenty-year-old kids to live in. The noise can be kept to an outdoor space and not bother MeeMaw. 



#3: Privacy

All these generations in one home – everyone is going to want some privacy. If you have adult kids living at home, consider putting a kitchenette into the upstairs space. Look into homes with accessory units (aka mother-in-law suites) so that one generation can reside there with their own bathroom and cooking space. 

If adding a second kitchen isn’t an option, you should add more prep space or look for a home with lots of it already. 

Separate entrances to spaces can also help with people not feeling like they are on top of one another. Luckily in New Orleans, many doubles have been converted to single-family homes and still have multiple entrances. 



Doubles for Sale in New Orleans


#4: Buy a double

if you want to keep your parents/grandparents/adult kids out of your space completely but on the same piece of land – we would suggest buying a double/duplex and keeping it as a double. This way, everyone has their own dedicated place to live, and you can come over when invited. 



#5: Buy a multi-unit building

If you have a larger family that needs even more space and you can’t afford to custom build a home, then a 3 or 4-plex may just be the answer. A multi-unit building offers more privacy, all while still being together and saving money. 



#6: Walkability

Many buyers who have purchased homes for multigenerational living have said walkability is a must when you have older folks living with you. They want the option to walk to a store or coffee shop to maintain their own sense of independence – especially if they can’t drive anymore. 



While once taboo, multigenerational living is now embraced among many different cultures. 



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