Our City, My Home: Alex


Welcome to our series called “Our City, My Home”, where residents in the New Orleans area tell us about their digs, the neighborhood, and why they love it all!

Here is the story of Alex & her abode:


What neighborhood do you live in?

St. Claude


How long have you lived in this house? 

4 years


Why do you love your neighborhood?

I love how quiet it is but it’s also really close to a lot of busier parts of the city like the Bywater and French Quarter. There are also some amazing restaurants and hole-in-the-wall bars that I can easily bike to.




Was this the neighborhood you hoped for when purchasing your house? 

I wasn’t looking for any particular neighborhood. In fact, I was looking for a house in Baton Rouge and just happened to this one. I decided to check it out and I loved it!


Do you know your neighbors & feel a sense of community? 

Our neighbors are so nice and we’ll share a wave or a quick chat. I feel like if I wanted to be closer to my neighbors I could but I like to keep to myself. I like that my neighbors respect my space, boundaries, and privacy.


What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move into your neighborhood? 

It’s pretty easy living here. Everyone just minds their business and there’s never any complaints amongst neighbors. If someone wants to throw a loud party we just deal with it, it’s very lax. If you have Karen tendencies you’re going to hate it here but if you’re a “go with the flow” type of person you’ll do just fine.



Are you from New Orleans? If not, what brought you here? 

No, my grandparents have lived here my whole life and my husband moved here for pharmacy school 8 years ago. I spent so much time in the city and always loved it. I like to drink and eat and that’s the number one thing to do in New Orleans – it was an easy move and a great fit.


Tell us your favorite thing about your house

My pineapple guava tree. My husband and I planted it right when we moved in and it was about 2ft tall. We’ve enjoyed watching it grow and tending to it together. It was even in our wedding vows.


What updates or improvements have you done to your home? 

Quite a few, I’m very handy and an interior designer by trade so it’s never-ending. The biggest one was turning one of our guest bedrooms into a studio apartment by adding a bathroom, kitchenette, and separate entrance. I did all the work myself!



Any upcoming home projects? 

Our bedroom is next. We’ve spent so much time making our common spaces and guest spaces beautiful that we forgot about ourselves. I’m really looking forward to creating a tranquil sleep space for us because right now it looks like we’re college students. I also plan on adding some character to the kitchen but it’s not at the top of my list.


Any advice when home buying? 

Buy newly renovated or new construction and get a thorough inspection. We have had zero issues with our home and we are so grateful we bought something new. I always thought I wanted an older house for the charm and thought contractor-grade houses were so boring but there are so many inexpensive ways to aesthetically “age” your home and add character.



Tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans! 

I like that I can basically walk into any establishment and have a good meal. In other cities, I feel like you have to weed out the bad spots and that’s not really necessary here. I also like how dense it is compared to cities like Houston and Atlanta. We have everything you need and there’s a ton of stuff do to but you don’t have to drive more than 20 minutes to get there. It’s also a great city to be a childfree young adult because there’s so much fun stuff to get into!


Give us the lagniappe info about you, the city, or anything you want! 

I recently started a vlog on TikTok where I share New Orleans content. I post about local restaurants, bars, and events – especially in and around my neighborhood. It’s been very fun and I’ve tried a lot of new places because of it. You can check it out here: Tiktok.com/@alexx_robinson




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