Silly Little Love Songs: Lisa B.

New Orleans Homeowner Holy Cross


Holy Cross resident, Lisa B., hadn’t been to New Orleans in almost 20 years when she decided she wanted to buy a home here. She came here on vacation when she was 21 years old. Like a lot of folks, she fell in love immediately. The aesthetic, the architecture, the feel of the city – she loved everything about New Orleans. Lisa knew she didn’t have enough self control to live here at such a young age. (Wise beyond her years, that one!) She told me, “I no longer have an urge to die in a gutter, so it seemed like a good time to move here.”



Tell me why you love Holy Cross. 

It’s quiet. It’s slow-paced. I realize it’s the south and everything is sort of slow-paced. But this is real slow.

I love my neighbors. I love watching the feral chicken population from my porch while I sip wine.

I like riding my bike on the levee and waiting for the bridge – it’s peaceful.

I see children roller skating in the street. It’s very residential.

No tourists. No loud businesses. Just slow, peaceful, and quiet.


Was Holy Cross on your radar when you were choosing a New Orleans neighborhood? 

No. No neighborhood was on my radar. I hadn’t been here in so long that I didn’t have a frame of reference. I am glad this is where I landed. Especially since Canseco’s in Arabi opened up. That was a game-changer.


Do you know your neighbors? Do you feel a sense of community? 

EVERYONE says hello! We all know who lives on the street. I sit on Miss Kelly’s porch every day. Everyone knows each other but not in each other’s business. But, we do know whose car belongs on the street and whose doesn’t.


What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move to Holy Cross?

My piece of advice would be, if you don’t work on this side of the bridge, add 20-30 minutes to your travel time. It will save you a lot of heartache and frustration. If it’s not the bridge, it’s the train that will get you.


What do you love most about your house? 

Natural light, big yard, and rail car doors.


Tell me some of your favorite things in New Orleans. 

Super Sunday. It makes me emotional. My current favorite restaurant is Suis Generis – it’s unpretentious and quirky. Their menu changes weekly too.


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