Our City, My Home: Arden & Ethan’s Mid-Century Dream Home

Our City, My Home: Ethan & Arden's Mid-Century Modern Dream Home


As I type up this interview with Arden & Ethan, they have packed up their stunning Mid-Century modern home and made their way to their new place in another state. While losing a fellow mid-mod lover to another location is always hard for me, I can’t wait to see what they get their hands on next.

What struck me the most when entering their home was how true the decor was to the period. This was not your maw maw’s home – this was like a curated museum! From lamps to records to Pyrex, I knew how special this house was the moment I walked in.

Take a look at what Arden and Ethan loved about their home!





What neighborhood is this masterpiece Mid-Century modern home located in? 

Aurora Gardens – in Algiers



How long have you lived here? 

5.5 years



Why do you love your neighborhood? 

The oak-lined streets are out of a fairy tale!



Was this the neighborhood you hoped for when buying your home? 

We actually knew nothing about the neighborhood beforehand – but we knew the first time we visited that is has immensely peaceful energy.



Do you know your neighbors and feel a sense of community? 

Yes, absolutely! With a husband working in the trades, it was easy to make connections.






Are you from New Orleans? If not, tell us what brought you here! 

No, I came after college to join my family after spending many childhood summers here.



Tell us your favorite thing about your house. 

The sunken den is my favorite spot on this planet – I always dreamed of a perfect gathering space like it!



What updates/improvements have you made to your home? 

When we first got our hands on this house, red and blue carpet covered the original terrazzo floors. We knew that had to be removed immediately to bring the home back to life!

We also changed out the roof, updated the HVAC system, and did other odds and ends. But, we wanted to keep the house in it’s original state – where it belongs.

Any advice when homebuying? 

Know the difference between cosmetic and structural/utility flaws – so many good homes are just waiting for the carpet to be swapped or removed.



Tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans. 

I love the history and the rich multicultural communities.



Where did all the amazing decor come from? 

Everything in the home was found second-hand. It’s totally possible to have a gorgeous home for fractions of what retail stores will charge for decor!



We want to thank Arden and Ethan for choosing us to represent them on the sale of their home. We know it was a special one and feel honored to be a part of it!






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