Our City, My Home: Glenn & Elise


When we met Glenn & Elise, it was the middle of the pandemic and they were ready for more space ASAP! We jumped on it and went to work. They were looking all over the Westbank, but we felt Algiers would be where they landed.

The community feel and easy location won them over with this neighborhood. It was a win-win for Glenn & Elise, and they quickly found themselves enamored with a home. Fast forward to today and they are making the space all their own!

While Glenn did not make it into our photoshoot, we promise he’s a part of the show too! 🤣



What neighborhood do you live in? 

Walnut Bend



How long have you lived in this home? 

A year and a half



Why do you love your neighborhood? 

It’s quiet, I have really nice neighbors and I love seeing the kids/teenagers playing in the street when I’m coming home.



Is this the neighborhood you hoped for when buying your home? 

Not necessarily. I wasn’t sure which neighborhood I wanted to live in. I just knew I wanted quiet and safe.


Do you know your neighbors & feel a sense of community? 




What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move into your neighborhood? 

If you want a with a mix of people, mostly quiet, good neighbors, close to the bridge (I could go on lol)…this would be a great neighborhood for you! 



Are you from New Orleans? If so, what do you still love about it? 

Yes, I am! I love how warm we are in general, the food of course and you can get most places in less than 30 mins.



Tell us your favorite thing about your house. 

The presentation from the front of the house



What updates have you completed to your home? 

Just minor things, like removing the doors in the hall leading to the foyer.



Any upcoming home projects? 

We are getting the carpet replaced in June and working on repainting the iron railing on the stairs. Next will be replacing the door leading to the bathroom area in the primary bedroom. Also replacing the doors leading to the formal dining room and replacing them with glass doors.



Any advice while home buying? 

Find really good realtors, lol!

Aside from that: go to the house/neighborhood at night time and on the weekend to gauge the culture and if it fits with you, consider the distance from your job and other places you frequent, the size of the house, and what it will take to clean it! LOL



Last thoughts/Lagniappe:

We have busy lives, so it was really important to have a quiet neighborhood. This is home for us for now😊

Elise didn’t tell you that she is a sought-after esthetician in the area! Find her on Instagram @efacialspa






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