Super Cool & Unique Bathtubs

Hammock bathtub


Cool bathrooms – you know what I’m talking about. The ones you take photos of so you can post them to Instagram. The ones that feel fancy and luxurious.

We also know that high-end bathtubs can cost a fortune. (Which is why some of us are still working with a jacuzzi tub with non-functional jets!)

However, if you’ve got an awesome budget, or have saved up to splurge on your tub needs, let us show you our favorite bathtubs available for purchase right now!


Cool Bathtub #1: The Kohler Purple Tub

Kohler Purple Bathtub


While this free-standing tub may not seem that different – it is. First, this deep aubergine purple sets it apart from the sea of white bathtubs. Kohler has also added a rounded edge for neck comfort. (Cause who likes trying to relax while the edge of the tub feels like it’s piercing your neck?!)

The color is called Black Plum and this stunning bathtub retails at a little over $6k.



Cool Bathtub #2: The Quartz Crystal Tub

Quartz crystal bathtub


Made from a single piece of white crystal – this bathtub cost almost $900k. It is 7 feet long and 2 feet deep. This bathtub was carved from one stone found in the Amazon region of Brazil. The craziest part – it’s not the only one! Another large piece of this crystal was found in 2006, shipped to Italy intact. After using diamond cutters to shape it, it was then sold to a Russian magnate for almost $1 million dollars.



Cool Bathtub #3: Rose Quartz Bathtub

Rose Quartz Bathtub


Mined in the Norcross-Madagascar quarry, this rose quartz bathtub is perfect for people who love gemstones! For a cool $27k, sans shipping costs, you can lounge in the stone of unconditional love.

My favorite part: Madagascar Minerals that sells this bathtub also provides you with the scientific properties and metaphysical guide of the stone!



Cool Bathtub #4: The Hammock Bathtub

Hammock bathtub


This might be my absolute favorite tub I have ever laid eyes on. It’s built just like a hammock and made for ultimate relaxation.

Wondering how it works? Well, there is a plug at the bottom to release the water into a drain directly below. You’re definitely going to need a great contractor when installing this tub.

The hammock bathtub will set you back around $34k. They do make custom pieces too.



Cool Bathtub #5: The Glass Waterfall Bathtub

Glass waterfall bathtub


If you want your friends to “ooh and ahh” over your spa-like bathroom, then the Le Cob overflow bathtub is what you need!

The design is that the water overflows into the rocks below. The tub should evoke the feelings of a river running over pebbles. This $20,000 bathtub is a true statement piece.


Looking at these bathtubs may cause you to suddenly feel an urge to renovate a bathroom. (or even move!) Before googling contractors in New Orleans, you can text us for our favorite people.


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