Pricey, Impractical, & Fun Home Items People Have Bought

fun, pricey, and impractical items people have bought for their home


We asked our group of clients and friends, “What is the most pricey, impractical, or fun thing you’ve bought for your house – knowing it didn’t add any value?” The answers are in, and they are certainly interesting! Check out what our homeowner friends have ZERO regrets about purchasing for their abode.



Toto Toilet

Not only does this toilet save water, but they were the first to introduce the dual flushing system as well.

I have read many reviews about this toilet to justify an almost $1000 price tag. Everyone comments on how well it flushes, and it flushes everything. (please don’t flush wipes, though! They are terrible for your plumbing!)

It’s been described as good and quiet, and you will never need a plunger again. Having used one while on vacation once, I can also say they offer a comfortable seat.

Worth the price tag? Our friends say YES!


above ground pool



An Aboveground Pool

Pools are pricey, YALL! Look into getting an inground pool, and the starting price will be $40k.

For just a few thousand bucks, I installed an above-ground pool that does the same job. I get to cool down and relax in the water.

My friends that followed suit also feel like it was a solid investment. And while this pool won’t add any value to our homes, we love being able to take a dip in this Louisiana heat!




12 ft Skeleton

More people than you would expect said a 12-foot skeleton was their favorite home purchase. I particularly love how many friends use their skeletons year-round, not just for spooky season!

Our friends have spray-painted them and hung them out for various occasions.

Will the skeleton bring your house any more value? No. But it’s fun as hell!




Professional Organizing

One of our besties will holler at anyone who will listen about professional organizing. She swears it’s changed not only her house but her life. And while this may not add dollar signs to your home’s value – it sure does make it easier to live with!



professional organizing


Towel Warmer

Look, this may seem impractical to many people. However, our clients who have towel warmers swear by them. They testify that getting out of the shower is a whole different experience and one they don’t want to give up soon!




Breville Smart Induction Cooker

Our friend, who claims this is the best home purchase ever, notes that he replaced multiple appliances and gave him more counter space back. Reading through all the things it can do – I feel like it offers more than I could ever use it for! However, for those home chefs, it seems like a worthy investment!




Custom Blinds and Black Out Curtains

We LOVE it when people make a house their home. Many past clients of ours buy custom blinds and curtains that are perfect for their space. However, these items do not add ANY value – no matter how much you pay!

But great blinds and curtains can go a long way with sellability when putting your house on the market. Get the blinds. You’re the one living there.





When we asked our friends and clients to answer this question about buying pricey things that add no home value, sooooooo many commented with one word: ART.

No, art will not add value to your house. But it will add happiness and color and evoke whatever feelings you want it to. Here at Be New Orleans, we always encourage you to get more art!




This is just a short list of numerous answers – but many other things were named. People bought expensive mirrors, outdoor furniture, refrigerators, faucets, outdoor inflatables, retro fireplaces, and even pigs! While there are so many things you can buy for your home that don’t change it’s value, always remember that you’re the one living there, and you should enjoy it!



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