Pros and Cons of New Construction

Pros and Cons of New construction


Hot-diggity-dog! Look at that brand new house! Shiny and sparkly, so fresh and clean. But, there are definitely some pros and cons of new construction.

Before diving into new construction – check out the pros and cons list of newly built homes.


Pros of New Construction

  • Never been used by anyone! Unspoiled. Untouched. The toilets, the stove, the shelves – you get to christen it all yourself. You’re the very first owner and you get to break it all in.
  • New Home Warranty. Your new construction home comes with a warranty that protects in a few different ways. Everything else sold in Louisiana is sold “as-is” with no warranties.
  • Insulation! One of the perks of getting a brand new home is that they are typically better insulated than our older homes in New Orleans.
  • Lower Insurance costs. Since the major mechanics of the home have just been installed, this will keep your homeowner’s insurance cheaper than many other houses.
  • Energy efficient. Not ALL new builds are energy efficient – but you have a much better chance of it with new construction.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs. With all the items in the house being new, it’s unlikely you’ll spend your weekend with a “honey-do” list.


Pros and Cons of New construction


Cons of New Construction 

  • Material quality. Not all builders are the same. Which also means, that not all new builds are that great. We have walked through many houses, that were recently erected, to find some pretty major deficiencies. Be mindful of the quality of the build.
  • Less architectural detail & charm. Living in a city like New Orleans has people swooning over our architectural fine points. New construction lacks that “je ne sais quoi.”
  • Upgrades can get pricey. Depending on if the builder is letting you customize the house, many of the upgrades can get quite expensive. These upgrades will be on top of what you’re already paying for the house.
  • Won’t allow any customization. Many times we have clients see a brand new home and ask if they can have fixtures changed out, etc. Not all builders allow this to be done. And if you change out plumbing features, you will void that portion of your new home warranty.
  • Lacks mature landscaping. Look, these builders had to tear up the yard to lay pilings and a slab. The yard was likely a mud pit for quite some time. Due to all of this, the grass was probably just seeded and some baby trees were thrown into the yard haphazardly for curb appeal. If you love big citrus trees, you’re likely going to have to find it elsewhere.
  • Lot sizes might be smaller. New Orleans doesn’t always have the largest lot sizes to begin with – but when builder’s get their hands on multiple lots… trouble starts brewing! Many builders chop up the lots to stack as many houses next to each other as possible. When this happens, the lot sizes get smaller. (This is not always the case! Exception, not a rule!)
  • No extras. If you’re looking for a house with a pool, it’s going to extremely rare to find a new build with one. You’ll likely also have to forgo a screened in porch, a covered patio, and a carport. We just don’t find these items with new construction very often.


We at Team Be New Orleans don’t like to dissuade anyone from choosing a new home over a 80-year-old cottage. It’s just best to know all the pros and cons of new construction before writing an offer!


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