Quit Trespassing

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Regarding real estate and adorable houses, we have seen potential homebuyers lose their minds over a potential home. They drive past it, park in front of it, and sometimes take it too far. How does one take it too far with a home for sale? THEY TRESPASS. Trespassing on private property, even when a house is listed for sale, is a big NO-NO!


Quit Trespassing! 

Many homebuyers get so excited about finding “the one” that they forget this property belongs to someone else. Just because a house is listed for sale does not permit you to enter their backyard, walk on the front porch, etc., without a scheduled appointment. 

Every real estate agent has gotten a call from an angry home seller saying they found someone in their yard or peering through their windows. 

Y’all. This is not ok! It’s called trespassing, and the seller doesn’t know if you’re looking to buy their home potentially or if someone is casing the joint! 



Get off the lawn!

When that amazing home hits the market, call your real estate agent. Let them schedule a time for you to walk the property and take your time. Having a seller find you peeking over their fence is not a great start to a transaction! 


It may not be vacant.

Here’s the deal – even if the photos show an empty house, someone may live there. Don’t risk getting the cops called on you (or worse) because you decided to peer through a window. 




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