What happens when something breaks AFTER we buy the house


You have finally become a homeowner! All the hard work is done—you saved money, got through inspections, and closed on your new home. Wait a second. Did the water heater just break?! This is all about what happens when something breaks AFTER you buy the house. 



Can I ask the seller to fix items after we buy the house? 

Unfortunately, you cannot ask the seller to fix anything after the sale. Your home does not come with warranties, which is part of being a homeowner! 

The broken sink is now yours to fix unless you purchased new construction.

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Can I sue the home inspector for not finding this defect? 

No, the home inspector is not responsible for this broken item either. While you can try to sue the home inspector, the paperwork you sign before your home inspection states that they are only responsible for reimbursing your inspection cost. 

There are a few other things to note as to why it’s not the home inspector’s fault: 

  • The item may not have been broken at the time
  • They cannot predict the future and know if something will break
  • They are doing a visual examination of the house only – they can not see through the walls




Can I sue the seller for not disclosing this to me? 

Unless the seller has committed fraud, you have purchased the home “as-is.” Along with this, you have taken it with all of its flaws! However, you might have a case on your hands if you can prove fraud! 

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What can I do since the AC broke a few days after I moved in? 

You’ll have to call an HVAC tech and get it repaired on your dime. This doesn’t feel good since you JUST bought the home. But we have all been through it. 

Team Be New Orleans has been there personally, too! One of us had the shower broken within 24 hours of moving in, and another found mold in her walls. 

A home warranty can help with appliances, HVAC issues, minor plumbing leaks, etc. 



At the end of the day, there is a 99.9% chance that this will be your responsibility now. Welcome to homeownership! And, you can always call us to recommend a service provider. 



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