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Today we are at home with Broadmoor residents – Forrest & Leigh, their beautiful baby boy Percy, and perfect pup Jax. They made their move to this New Orleans neighborhood in 2017 and have been loving it ever since!

Forrest and Leigh will give us some home-buying advice & tell us all the reasons they love New Orleans and Broadmoor. If you’ve been torn on what neighborhood to call home, this might help sway you!



Was Broadmoor the neighborhood you hoped for when buying your home? 

The first time we saw our future house and took a quick walk around the block to scout the neighborhood, we knew this was the place for us. I don’t think we could have imagined a better neighborhood.

We moved from the Irish Channel, where we also loved and enjoyed our neighbors. It seems that wherever we find ourselves in New Orleans, the people make it home. (It doesn’t hurt that Freret, with all its restaurants and amenities, is a short stroll across Claiborne!)


Why do you love your neighborhood? 

Our neighbors! We see a friendly face anytime we walk down the street, and when we sit on our porch and watch the world go by, we are mostly watching a parade of smiles and friendly “Hello’s!”

Someone is always walking their dog or out for a stroll and more than likely will pause along their path to ask after us, giggle with Percy, or scowl at Jax as he barks and barks and barks…


Is there a sense of community in Broadmoor? 

We have become close with many of our neighbors and just had a safe backyard hang with a few of them over the last weekend of Jazz Fest in Place. We know more than just their names, and what they drive, or what their dog looks like. We are connected through our shared passion for our little corner of Broadmoor and find ourselves in the street talking about nothing and everything.




What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move to your neighborhood? 

Pay attention to the flood zone. We live in New Orleans, and Broadmoor used to be a literal marsh.. a swamp.. one of the city’s lowest-lying areas. If you aren’t ready to tack on that flood insurance and run your car up on the neutral ground, then maybe find a Zone X.

Once you get here, take advantage of it. Get down to Freret and have some pie after dinner at High Hat. Stop into the Rook or Mojo for an iced coffee, grab a Humble Bagel, or an Enchilada from El Pavo, then head to Rosa F. Keller Library for any of the many events they have planned for us. Take a stroll down Fountainbleu and stop to smell ALL the jasmine. And if you’ve got the time and inclination, head to the BIA (Broadmoor Improvement Association) meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month. They’ve got programs for everyone, and will put you to work too!



What’s your favorite thing about your house?

Our patio and backyard barely beat out our front porch. It takes a little time and effort to keep it together (sometimes it’s a straight jungle back there…), but it is the perfect spot to rest and let the world turn around you.

When the weather is right, we are back there all day tidying up (1 of us is.. the other is soaking up some sun..), grilling and inviting family and friends over to eat or spend some time around a fire. We share a huge oak tree with our neighbor that provides us with shade (and tons of leaves!). We love it because we can share it! 



What updates and improvements have you done to the house since you bought it in 2017?

We’ve done a few things since we moved in!

Our neighbor, who owns his own construction company, won the bidding war to repair our siding and paint the house. We had new banisters on the front porch installed and then added solar panels. Leigh decided she needed a new bathroom before Percy joined our family, so of course, our bathroom has been updated (with a pocket door for more room, and a walk-in shower!) From there, a new HVAC and Water Heater, along with an upgrade to the laundry room, fit in nicely with our plans for a new sidewalk (for all those lovely neighbors on their strolls) and a new backyard fence!


Any upcoming projects? 

We may pause for a little and enjoy all the new stuff before jumping into something big. A little landscaping down the side of the house and a fruiting tree to shade our living room window might tide us over before the next wave hits.



We know you love Broadmoor – but tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans! 

Sunsets along the Mississippi River, Cheeseburgers @ Camellia Grill, all the fests and music that pervades the city, a smile and a hello from any stranger you happen to walk by, and the fact that the people of this city have no quit. There is joy and pain acknowledged in every moment. No other place I’ve lived or visited seems able to hold a paradox quite like New Orleans.



Any home buying advice for others? 

Do your homework, with the help of a licensed agent like Leslie! Her 1st-time homebuyers class opened our eyes to what was possible based on our budget and what we were looking for in a neighborhood and home. Working with a lending firm from New Orleans was also key, as they knew all the ins and out needed to navigate home and flood insurance specific to this area! Visit properties you like, and trust your gut. When it feels like home, it is.


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