Reasons People have Bought Homes


Everyone has a reason for wanting to pack their bags and get moving.

Some of them just want a new space or neighborhood and others are just tired of a lazy landlord. It’s always a very personal decision and we approach it in a non-judgemental way.


We have been fortunate to hear quite a few funny and off-the-wall reasons that people want to buy a new home. And we are here to share them with you!


Reason #1: For their pets!

You would be shocked at how many people buy a house for their dogs, cats, or whatever other pet. Personally, bought my house for the large yard. I wanted my dogs to have room to stretch their legs more.

While some may you call you crazy for it, we think it’s a great idea. It also gives you the opportunity to get more pets or even foster them!



Reason #2: Christmas Tree

You read that correctly. We have people who have purchased their homes specifically for their Christmas tree placement.

If Christmas is your favorite season, and it’s important to you, then we are happy to help find the home that will fulfill that part of your life.



Reason #3: The sunlight

There are more people than you think that measure the direction of the sun before buying a house. Whether they don’t want afternoon sun glaring through the front window or you need the light to hit your vegetable garden during the day – we will grab a compass and help you figure it out!



Reason #4: Nostalgia

Does the house remind you of your grandma and your time spent there? Sometimes that old nostalgia will creep up on you and make you feel that you MUST have this house. We get it – we are obsessed with vintage bathrooms over here.



Reason #5: Feng Shui

Feng Shui is no joke and the people who do it, swear by it. If they can’t visualize how the feng shui will work, then this won’t be the home for them.



Reason #6: Nothing better to do

We had a client who saved a ton of money. She figured there was nothing better to do with it -so she bought a house. That’s her business and we were happy to help her find the right house to invest that money into.



We want to know your why so we can help find that perfect home for you!



Text us your why and let’s begin the home buying journey!


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