Refresh Your Bathroom


Let’s be honest from time to time, we all need a little makeover; unfortunately, sometimes, our wallet doesn’t allow us to do a full-scale rehab. Do you walk into the bathroom and avoid turning on the lights to prevent how tired it looks?  Well, we may have a solution to get you through: REFRESH, don’t Renovate.

Below you’ll find some budget-friendly suggestions that can make a BIG impact!


#1: Paint

You can paint pretty much anything; just remember to use a suitable primer & paint for the surface. And painting isn’t just for the walls.  Think tile, floor, cabinet/vanity, etc. It’s amazing what fresh paint can do to bring a space back to life! And, in a housing market overwhelmed with white & gray, don’t be afraid to go bold with color!


Photo from Rejuevantion

#2: Lighting

There are a lot of unique light fixtures that can instantly modernize your space. The great news is you don’t have to spend a million dollars. Find your fixtures and hire a licensed electrician. It’ll probably only take a few hours, and then you’ll be ready for bathroom selfies! Pro Tip: For optimal bathroom lighting- have lights installed on the sides of the mirror, NOT over it. 

Stuck on where to look? Check out some of our favorite places to shop for light fixtures.


#3: Fixtures

Faucet handles, knobs, and pulls all change fashion over time. Don’t be afraid to let them go and pick something more modern & fresh. Will the trend out? Yes, eventually, but if you go with a modern classic, it will get through at least a few years, if not a decade! This is another inexpensive way to go from out of date to UPDATED!



Photo from West Elm

#4: Mirror

For the love of everything, run to the bathroom right now and pull down any super heavy wood-framed mirror too big for the space with decorative gold shiny touches that at one time someone thought made it look luxurious. It does not, and you do not have to live like this. The bathroom mirror is basically what eyebrows are to the human face; it frames the space – so frame it well!


Now you are prepped and ready to make your bathroom feel modern & chic!



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