Rentals: When should I start looking?

New Orleans apartments for rent


Renting in New Orleans can be similar to a full-contact sport. Prices have risen and finding really cute places, that aren’t falling apart, can prove difficult.


When should I start looking for my New Orleans apartment? 

Two months before. At the very most. Looking any further out than that will leave you disappointed when they won’t hold a place for you. Amazing rentals in New Orleans don’t last very long and the landlords know that. They are not going to sit on a vacant place when they can find someone to move in next week.


But, I really love this place. How can I secure it? 

Are you prepared to pay rent on two places for a month or two? If not, let the place go and hope it’s still available when you’re closer to your lease being up. If two rents are not a big deal for a short time, then let’s go for it!


Oops. I forgot I needed to find a new place. Can I find one in 30 days or less?

Of course. We just need to move quickly.


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New Orleans Rentals: What to Expect

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