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safe New Orleans Neighborhoods


Did you know that I can’t tell you which neighborhoods in New Orleans are the “safe neighborhoods”?

Yep. It’s true. It’s actually illegal. And I’m not talking about making a left turn on basically any street in New Orleans. I’m talking about PRISON. Real estate agents who don’t follow the Fair Housing policies are subject to extremely large fines, potential prison time, and just bad karma for being a not-so-great person.

Congress passed a law about this in 1968.


The reason for all of this, too, is that my definition of a “safe New Orleans neighborhood” is likely going to be different from yours. As a New Orleans native and having lived in numerous sections of the city, I’m not the one to ask what is a “safe” neighborhood because I am willing to live in just about any neighborhood.  You will have to do your research and decide where is best for you.



Here are some resources to help with your research: 

  • NeighborhoodScout uses fancy algorithms and tons of data to cover every address in every neighborhood in the U.S.
  • City of New Orleans Crime MapIf you want official data, this is your spot.
  • Your Gut Instinct: That feeling you get when you’re uncomfortable someplace. When looking at a house, you need to think about the neighborhood it’s located in. (I keep telling y’all it’s as important as the house!) If you want to walk to the grocery store, is there a safe route? Is it well-lit? Drive by the potential house on the weekend, and even walk around for a bit. Drive by the house again in the morning and the evening.


While no agent can tell you if this is a “good New Orleans neighborhood” (not only because of the jail thing), they really shouldn’t. I may love living next to a bar, while you may want a park next to you. We all have different ideas of what safe means, and your real estate agent shouldn’t decide what safe means for you!


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