Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Local New Orleans business


New Orleans is one of those beautiful places that embraces artists and craftspeople. We have art markets galore around town that provide the opportunity for a person, with an idea & a vision, to attempt to market their products. As a lover of all things local, I try to push people to buy as many goods as they can from our insular community.

The three women featured are local ladies who had an idea and made it a reality. Here’s a brief look into how they started and who they are.


CoCoNola Skincare

Local New Orleans business


New Orleans native, Tiffiny Wallace, started CoCoNola in 2014. Her recipes are ones she made herself. She started by selling them to others with skin issues mostly linked to autoimmune diseases or poor quality drug store items. High quality ingredients & simple healthy recipes are her secret to cooking both food & skincare items.

Fast forward to today – Tiff & her staff of 3 can barely keep up with the growth. (What a great problem to have!) 2018 is all about bringing CoCoNola Skincare to a shop near you!

Where to find CoCoNola: You can find Tiffiny’s awesome bug spray, room spray, body spray, lip scrub, & balms at Zele Nola at 2841 Magazine. Follow her Facebook page to know what local markets she will set up shop at!

Bonus! Use code LOVECOCO20 for 20% off on their website!


Silver Stallion Handmade

Local New Orleans Jewelry


Seventh Ward resident, Kaiti Fink, took her first beginners metal smithing class in 2014. She got started by just making friends and herself pieces, most of these were with found materials, like man made wasted metals like discarded washers/rusty machine parts, matched with nature cast aside – meaning she would taxidermy roadkill, use feathers etc. As Kaiti eloquently puts it “A juxtaposition to showcase human waste, and try and preserve nature I saw not being honored.” After she put down roots in New Orleans, she created a studio at home so she could keep going and really figure out ways to showcase nature and give it a more permanence. Something she continues to try and improve upon everyday. 

When I asked Ms. Fink about her most popular piece, she gave me a great story: “That would be any piece from my “Python Protection Collection”. It’s a collection all completely hand fabricated out of sterling silver, where I place the shed from my pet ball python, Erzulie, under glass as a talisman of growth. I once heard an old Southern folklore tale that if you are to dream of snakes and you are able to walk past them in your dream, it means that whatever obstacles in life you’ve been facing you will defeat, and it always resonated, and so these Python Protection rings, both symbolize growth/shedding ones skin, but also a reminder to face your obstacles head on, you carry the strength to get past them. “

The best way to stay up to date with new collections, vending dates, the occasional one of a kind piece, and viewing custom orders (which she’s always happy to discuss!) is through Instagram: @silverstallionhandmade



Curselets, Local New Orleans business


Kacey Edwards, the brainchild behind Curselets, started it a few years ago after a frustrating day at work. She had been told had been told by an incredibly proper and incredibly opinionated and incredibly rude Southern Lady, that there was no way I could be from the South, because a proper Southern Lady always wears pearls. 

She had been toying around with the idea of hidden messages using Morse Code as a design idea, and after that wonderful conversation, she had the design worked out. All of the jewelry has vulgar words or phrases spelled out in Morse Code with dainty pearls & other beads. 

NSFW: The most popular design is the classic “Motherfucker.” Her favorite phrases usually come from customers. “Cuntadactyl” is currently stuck in her head and been quite useful. Kacey is also a huge fan of the “Fuck This Shit” and “Fuck That Shit” earrings.

For people who want their own designs – she can do custom Curselets with sayings up to 14 letters and necklaces with up to 30 letters. (Heads up! She’s currently working on a wrap around bracelet that can have as many letters as you’d like.) 

Throughout the year, Kacey regularly donates percentages of her sales to local organizations. Follow her latest pieces of work on Instagram @curselets.

BONUS: Code for New Orleans Locals ONLY – free shipping (and she can deliver anywhere in the city or just mail it for free in town) use  “NOLALocal”



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