The Color Story: Coquelicot


Did you know that “Coquelicot” is the French word for “poppy?” Coquelicot is a bright red color with an orange tint – and definitely for someone with a bold aesthetic.

Why does this color seem so familiar to you? Because it’s also known as poppy red!

You can mix it in various ways throughout your house – but we think less is more when it comes to this adventurous shade!


Photo provided by: Society 6


#1: Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the best way to add that pop of coquelicot without overtaking a room! We would encourage you to find ones mixed with Fuschia for extra brightness!



Photo courtesy of Hovia


#2: Wallpaper

Ready to amp up a room? Consider an amazingly fun print that mixes the poppy red with other complementary shades! We are big fans of this vintage vibe wallpaper and believe it could take your office to the next level!




#3: Accessories 

Look. We understand that poppy red might be TOO much for some people. But, if you love color but can’t handle a whole wall of it – think accessories! This adorable poppy trivet is a great piece that gives you a happy color without taking over a room.



What colors to pair poppy red with:

  • Salmon – this softer color helps neutralize the brightness of coquelicot
  • Chocolate – offsetting the brightness goes a long way for poppy. this chocolate sofa with poppy pillows
  • Fuschia – as we mentioned before, this is for the bolder personality!
  • Forest Green – yep! We said it! but make sure you’re using prints of poppy, so it doesn’t have a color block feel


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