The Color Story: Yellow


A little history: Did you know yellow is one of the oldest colors in history? It can be seen in cave paintings over 17,000 years old. In ancient religions, yellow was a sacred color.

What about yellow? If I were to ask you what color you associate with sunshine, I’d bet you would respond with this hue! The thought of yellow may make you feel energized, happy, and warm. Makes sense since it is associated with the sun. It stimulates our nerves, glands, and brain.  Even encourages communication. Yellow feels hopeful and optimistic – who doesn’t need more of that in their life?


Here are a few different ways we love to see yellow:

Photo: Home With Helen and Co


Splish, Splash we would never want to leave this bath! After years of white and gray (which we aren’t hating on) seeing yellow in the bathroom makes me want to dance!


Photo: Fireclay Tile



I’m swooning over the bold yellow cabinets against the white range, tile, and that marble! It’s modern, fresh, and fun!


Photo: Superior Custom Linens



Think yellow can’t be sophisticated? Think again, while this color is often whimsical it can be very luxe. Just look at these gorgeous velvet drapes!




Yellow is a perfect color to bring that sweet Southern charm to any home! Be it an accent or all over, it all works! Here are two New Orleans homes that had us stopping in our tracks for yellow!



Ready to amp up the ambiance through yellow?

Here are our paint picks:



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