The Inconvenience of Selling your Home


The inconvenience of selling your home is real. The stress our home sellers experience is no joke, and people don’t get it until they are in the thick of it. At the same time, all home sellers want the most money and want an accepted contract quickly. However, let’s discuss the disruptions to your life. 


Photos and Video

We book photos, video, and a floor plan as your real estate agents. We will come and take over your house for a couple of hours while we finish all the things that help us market your home. But, I would be lying to you if I said that most sellers say it takes longer than expected. 

How to be less annoyed by this? Give us the keys and head out for lunch! 



The only way for us to sell your home is to be able to show your home too. We know – it’s a pain in the ass. You have to clean the house and shuffle the dogs to your car. However, if potential homebuyers can’t see it, you won’t ever sell your home! And, you definitely CAN NOT be home during home showings. 

Want to avoid this annoyance? Go out of town for the weekend, and let us get it sold over the weekend! 

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Once your house is under contract, the buyer will schedule property inspections. This can take a few hours and may take more than one visit. During the inspection period, the buyer is entitled to access to your property. Many of our sellers get fussy about this, but this is the cost of selling your home. 

There is no real way to avoid this inconvenience without the home being vacant. 



House Prep

Before we list your house for sale, there is always prep work to get your home ready. This is a different sort of annoyance. Take a look at our list to get prepared! 




Yep. You have to leave your house for this too. 


Moving Out

We don’t know how this one seems to throw off our home sellers – but it happens often. Sellers seem to be confused that they need to have their house cleared, cleaned, and ready for the new homeowner by the day we are closing. 

Pack the van and stay at a hotel the night before closing to make this transition smoother. This way, you’re out of the house and one step closer to your next phase of life! 

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Selling your home comes with various inconveniences – but the good outweighs the bad! You get to move on to a new home, city, or life! As your real estate agents, we will be there for you to make it as easy as possible! 


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