Tired House Trends 2020

tired house trends


While you’re house hunting, you may begin to see some patterns. Many home renovators follow the same trends they see elsewhere. This can be great in many cases, but in others – the houses begin to blend together and there is nothing differentiating them from the competition.


We put a call out to the public to find out what house looks they were sick and tired of seeing. 

You spoke and we listened! We’ve put together the top 8 trends in renovated or new houses that we’re pretty much sick of. There are so many ways to make your home special, so why go overkill with these tired trends? 


open concept

Tired Trend #1: Structure/design

Completely open space floor plans are all the rage. However, there’s something to be said about well-placed walls and doors to limit sound transmission throughout your whole house.

When people say they want an open-concept home, they typically mean they’d like an open kitchen and dining area. Far too often renovators just knock every wall down and call it “open-concept” when it really needs some room definition.

A well-placed island or bar and or even some curved walls can help give some order to the space. Otherwise, people scratch their heads wondering where the TV goes.

Yes, too many walls are a bad thing, but so are too few. 


reclaimed wood


Tired Trend #2: Reclaimed wood wall

Reclaimed wood walls can be pretty in theory, but are really annoying to deal with on a daily basis. They aren’t smoothed out and can cause clothing or skin to catch on them, which can be very painful! Plus, there’s no telling how soon this trend will become outdated and you’ll be left with an annoying material that isn’t even in style anymore. 


grey everything

Tired Trend #3: Grey trend: fake wood grey laminate floors & grey walls

Neutral palettes definitely leave you open to the most possibilities, but it also depends on what your decor is like. Grey is a safe color, but if nothing else in your home has that “pop,” then you’re left with a very bland design. Instead, try branching out to some light pastel hues or other dark tones.



kitchen shelves



Tired Trend #4: Kitchen Shelves

Shelves in lieu of kitchen cabinets seem to be popping up more and more lately. If you do choose to put these in your home, you absolutely have to be extremely organized and have very nice things that you would be okay with everyone who has ever walked into your house seeing. It’s a nice idea, but it generally prevents your kitchen from looking clean and leaves a rather cluttered look. 



Tired Trend #5: Marble Bathrooms (when they don’t make sense)

When renovating a bathroom, it’s important to keep the style of the rest of the home in mind. Marble bathrooms can be beautiful, but not when they make no sense in comparison to the rest of the house.

If you do find yourself renovating a bathroom, make sure the look you’re going for goes with the rest of the house. If marble works, great! But don’t spend money on something that won’t end up giving you a good return on your investment.


River Rock



Tired Trend #6: River rock in bathrooms

River rock bathrooms only belong in mountain lodges, end of story.



accent tile



Tired Trend #7: Accent tile in showers

We are really concerned about why renovators keep picking strange accent tiles to throw into a shower. Were they just laying around your house and you needed to get rid of them? Did they fall off the back of a truck?

Again, when choosing accents for the bathroom, make sure they go with the rest of the home. These can look good, but just don’t go crazy.


vessel sink


Tired Trend #8: Vessel Sinks

If you decide to put one of these sinks in, you will end up washing your face in a salad bowl and having to clean up the mess after every use. These finicky sinks may be pretty, but they really aren’t practical for anything except for washing hands.

There are so many bathroom sinks to choose from, so why pick one that will actively make your life a little harder every day?



This is our way of letting house flippers and renovators know that we are burned out on seeing the same old, same old. Throw in some color, make a bold choice, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Trust us – the people have spoken.


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