What does “As Is” Mean?

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When you begin signing what feels like a never-ending stack of papers for your purchase agreement (aka the contract that says you’re buying the house), you will also have to sign what is called a Waiver of Redhibition. This waiver is also known as the “As-Is clause.”

In the state of Louisiana, you are buying the house as it is, in its current condition.


Does this mean I can’t have home inspections? 

Nope! On the contrary, after you have home inspections done you then negotiate again for any repairs.


Sooooo….. then why is it called As-Is?

If the seller has agreed to make repairs, it is after that you are taking the house in its present state. The day you sign your closing documents and get the keys – from that moment you have agreed to take the home with it’s warts and all.


What if the seller lied about a defect and we find it later?

This waiver of redhibition does not allow the seller to lie about the condition of the house. If the seller was to defraud you, you still have legal recourse.


Heads up! You will sign a Waiver of Redhibition, the “As-Is clause” is written into your contract, *and* you will sign another one at the closing table.

If this has you worried at all, let me take a moment to soothe your concerns. We will have extensive home inspections done so that you can be move forward with all the possible information we can obtain.


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