What is a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure?

lead based paint disclosure



What is a lead-based paint disclosure? We are here to answer questions regarding the disclosure you must fill out!


Does every house need a lead-based paint disclosure? 

Any house built before 1978 is required to provide a lead-based paint disclosure to any potential buyer. Even if a seller checks the box stating they do not know any lead-based paint on the property – that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.



What if a home seller knows there is contaminated paint? 

They must disclose to you and any other home buyer if they know lead-based paint is on the property and provide any documentation they may have. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure



Is a home buyer allowed to test the paint?

The short answer is yes; the buyer can test for this type of paint. The seller must give the potential homebuyer ten days (or a mutually agreed upon period) to test for lead-based paint.

A buyer can also waive their right to this testing.


chipping lead-based paint



Does a seller have to provide testing before selling? 

No, they are not required to test their paint before selling their home.



What information do I have to provide a potential home buyer as a seller? 

As a home seller and your home is older than 1978, you must provide the lead-based paint brochure (your Realtor® can help with that!) and a completed lead-based paint disclosure. Lead-Based Paint Brochure


A myth about lead-based paint testing

We’ve heard many times over the years that the home seller can determine where a potential home buyer can test for lead-based paint. This is not true. We have scoured the EPA’s website, and nowhere does it say the home seller makes that decision. The only thing stated is that a seller must allow a homebuyer the opportunity to test. Head to the EPA website for all the info!



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