What is the Home Buying Process?

What is the Home Buying Process


You’re going to hear the term “home buying process” once you start googling about how to buy your New Orleans house. What is this process you keep hearing about? It’s a combination of many things. Ultimately, it’s a checklist to go down once you decide to purchase a home.


As your New Orleans real estate agent, I make sure we hit every item on your home buying checklist. But, for your reference, here it is:

  1. Pick an agent. This is vital. Get an agent early on who can really help you and answer questions.
  2. Pick a mortgage lender and get pre-approved. Local lenders are always better.
  3. Determine your wants & needs. Some things are nice to have and some things are must-haves. They aren’t the same, so figure out what your deal breakers are.
  4. View homes to purchase. This is the fun part!
  5. Make an offer on a house you love! We will negotiate price, closing date, concessions, closing costs, etc.
  6. Get home inspections.
  7. Negotiate repairs if needed. 
  8. Order your appraisal. You should have the results in about a week.
  9. Final walkthrough. We make sure all repairs were done and the house is in the same or better condition.
  10. Act of Sale! (This is when you get the keys!)

Now, let me be very clear. There are a lot of crazy things that can (and likely will!) during this time. That’s where your agent steps in, gets a little creative, and handles all of the stress for you. The home buying process can go smoothly with the right agent by your side!


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