Why You Get a Reinspection

why you need a reinspection


Regarding home buying, reinspections should be a top priority before closing on your new home! What does this mean? What does this even reference? Let us tell you! 



Once you have an accepted contract on a property, you will have your inspection and due diligence period. During this time, you and your agent will schedule various inspections – video pipe (also known as a sewer scope), wood-destroying insect report, and general home inspections. 

After you have brought out these service people and gathered all your reports, many home buyers ask the seller for various repairs (or credits, but in this case, we are focused on repairs)

If the seller agrees to repairs, how do you know that they were completed and completed correctly? This is why you always get a reinspection! 




According to the Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell, repairs must be completed within five days of closing. You should hire your home inspector to return and double-check these agreed-upon repairs in that window of time. This reinspection will likely cost you anywhere between $150-$250, depending on the amount of repairs they need to check. 

Having a reinspection is the only way to ensure the items were completed and done properly. 



Why wouldn’t repairs be done if they gave us a receipt? 

Many homeowners hire someone to make these home repairs. Often, these vendors have told the seller they completed a job when they may not have finished it all. This vendor may have cut some corners on a repair too. A receipt does not mean the work was done accurately. 



What happens if we find items not repaired? 

As your agents, we will ensure these repairs are done before closing day. We will contact the seller’s agent to remedy the last items and have the seller pay for the inspector to revisit the house to approve the repairs. 



What if the seller refuses to finish the repairs? 

While this is a rare occurrence, it has undoubtedly happened. At this point, you can cancel the contract and have your deposit returned to you. 

We never want it to come to this and have worked through this issue on every occasion. 



We want our home buyers to have a happy experience and are very honest with our clients. With this in mind, it’s an excellent time to prep you for this stat – 90% of the time, not all the repairs are completed. It’s extremely frustrating, but please remember this is usually an issue with who has been hired and not the seller’s fault. 



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