Your Real Estate Agent is Not Your Housekeeper

Your Real Estate Agent is Not Your Housekeeper


Home sellers: As you embark on the exciting journey of selling your nest, it’s crucial to remember one golden rule: your real estate agent is not your housekeeper. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Well, duh!” But you’d be surprised at the tales from the real estate trenches. Let’s dive into why keeping those roles crystal clear is essential! 



1. The Showings Aren’t a Tidying Contest

Sure, you want your home to look its best during showings. But here’s the deal – your agent is there to showcase the property, not to whip out the feather duster or run the vacuum. Resist the urge to turn them into your impromptu housekeeping sidekick. Instead, focus on presenting your home in a way that highlights its best features and let your agent handle the rest.



2. Communication is Key

Your agent is your partner in the real estate dance, not your go-to for household chores. Be open and communicate clearly if there’s a specific concern or request regarding the property. Agents are wizards at navigating the real estate realm but can’t read minds. If you need assistance beyond selling, consider hiring professionals for tasks like cleaning or staging. (Which, we can certainly offer great recommendations!)



3. They’re Not the Fix-It Fairy

Agents are fantastic at connecting you with the right people – contractors, inspectors, or mortgage brokers. However, don’t mistake them for the handyman or handywoman who will fix that leaky faucet or squeaky door. If repairs are needed, rely on the experts and let your agent focus on guiding you through the real estate process.



4. Respect Their Time

Real estate agents are superheroes, but they’re not superheroes with endless hours in the day. While they’re dedicated to helping you sell your home, respect their time and energy. Avoid bombarding them with non-essential requests or expecting them to drop everything for last-minute tasks outside the real estate realm.



5. Keep it Professional

A real estate transaction is a significant financial and emotional investment, and your agent is there to guide you through it with professionalism and expertise. Remember, their role is negotiating deals, navigating contracts, and ensuring a smooth process. Keep the relationship focused on real estate matters, and you’ll build a foundation for a successful partnership.



6. Express Gratitude, Not Demands

When your agent goes above and beyond, a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Acknowledge their hard work and dedication, but remember that their primary role is real estate, not household management. Appreciation fosters a positive working relationship, making the real estate journey smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.



So there you have it, friends – a gentle reminder that your real estate agent is your guide through the intricate world of property transactions, not your on-call housekeeper. Maintaining clear boundaries and a respectful partnership will ensure a harmonious and successful real estate experience. Happy house selling! 



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