Month: January 2018

Perfectly Parkview

New Orleans neighborhood, Parkview, has been one of the most recent additions to the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC). They are a small part of town that offers a lot of different styles of architecture. Bungalows, raised basements, and shotguns line their bumpy streets. It’s a quaint neighborhood to take a stroll through and enjoy some historic… Read more »


Genuine Gentilly Terrace

Gentilly Terrace is one of my absolute favorites neighborhoods in the city. It’s adorable cottages, that have lots of old school touches, grace every block. You can find chipped tile walkways, mid century modern tiles, and those fairy looking houses with the sharp points in the front. With a very active neighborhood association, unique architecture… Read more »


Hostel Takeover

When I began trying to track down hostels in New Orleans, it proved to be more difficult than one would expect. While you can google and find plenty of them – many of them are not for Louisiana residents and wouldn’t provide me with any information.   The Quisby is the only one in town… Read more »