New Orleans Most Talked Of Club

NOMTOC, New Orleans Most Talked of Club, began rolling in the streets of Algiers back in 1970. While there used to be many krewes that called Algiers home on parade day, they have either disbanded or headed to the Eastbank. NOMTOC is the only parade left on the Westbank of New Orleans. Their captain, James Henderson, provided me some bonus information about them.



How long has NOMTOC been in existence? 

The parent organization, The Jugs Social Club, Inc., was founded in 1951. The Krewe of NOMTOC was founded in 1969 with the first parade on Valentine’s day of 1970.


How have you survived being the only krewe rolling on the Westbank of NOLA? What makes you want to stay in Algiers?

Our success & desire to stay on the Westbank are on in the same – we exist to entertain the families, relatives, & friends of the Algiers community.



What changes have you seen in Mardi Gras over the years?

Almost total elimination of neighborhood parades & more, albeit limited, diversity in the krewes & number of parading organizations. Unfortunately, I also get a sense that it’s getting more and more difficult to maintain our tradition of Mardi Gras. Old krewes are barely hanging on & recruiting is challenging.


How do you accept new members & is NOMTOC family-friendly?

Our membership roster in the Krewe of NOMTOC is open to everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing characteristic. Children, starting at age 12, are also allowed to participate. We are extremely proud of our reputation as a “family-oriented” parade.



What makes NOMTOC so special or different from other parades?

NOMTOC is more like other krewes than not. The major difference is the Jugs Social Club is the governing (executive) board & only members of the Jugs Club can become King NOMTOC.


Is there anything else we should know about NOMTOC?

NOMTOC emphasizes a strong line-up of marching bands, both local & out of town.


Go see NOMTOC roll on Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 10:45am in Algiers. Their theme this year is 300 Reasons to Love New Orleans.


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