Average Price for a New Orleans Home


House prices took a huge leap between 2020 and 2022. The New Orleans real estate market also saw big jumps in average sales prices. As of February 2022, the average home price in New Orleans is approximately $330,000. However, this number doesn’t tell you the properties’ condition and location. We have many areas that still offer “affordable” housing, while in some areas, $330k would only get you a piece of land. 

What can you purchase in New Orleans around this average sales price of $330k? Here’s the info! 



This map above shows you every single-family home available in New Orleans that is listed between $310k – $350k. (as of Feb 2023) 

There are 90 properties listed for sale that fall in this price range. 


Are any of these new-construction homes? 

Eighteen of these homes are new construction! They are located in New Orleans East, Holy Cross, Central City, St. Claude, and Gentilly Woods. 



What about fixer-uppers? 

Sixteen of these properties would be considered fixer-uppers. These homes are located in the Treme, Seventh Ward, Gentilly, New Orleans East, and even the Irish Channel. 



What about the rest of the houses? 

The remainder of the properties fall in the in-between stages of being in excellent shape to “liveable but needs some things.” 



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