Buyers: A Perfect Home Doesn’t Exist

Perfect Home


Let me be the first person to tell you: A perfect home does not exist. 

It just doesn’t. Whether it’s laundry piling up or an attic that needs more circulation, no home will be perfect. And that’s ok!


Why do perfect homes not exist?

In New Orleans and the metro area, we have older homes. Whether it’s 60 or a 100-year-old house, it will have elements that are outdated. The most common issues to come across are older wiring and pre-existing termite damage. You might even find an asbestos roof or siding.

New Orleans home sellers are not going to fix every little item you find wrong because the house has been functioning with these outdated elements for decades. Be prepared to save some cash and do some upgrades of your own. That’s homeownership, folks!


Well, then I only want a renovated home. 

Hate to burst your bubble, but even those homes aren’t perfect. A home inspector is going to find something wrong with it. Many times when houses are being renovated, not everything is updated.

Those old New Orleans homes that people renovate –  the contractors likely skipped a few things. Or don’t think some things are that important. And, it is unfortunate. But, it’s our job to decide if this imperfect home could be perfect for you!


Ok then – I only want a brand new home. 

A couple of things about that…

1. Finding a brand new build in New Orleans is not an easy task. While they exist, they aren’t in every neighborhood.

2. It’s still going to have some things wrong with it. (I know, that seems crazy!)


Will I ever find a perfect home?

We think the closest you will get to one is custom building a new home. (And we can help you with that too!)


At the end of the day, no New Orleans home is going to be perfect when you buy it. It’s your job to make it uniquely yours and either embrace the flaws or get them fixed.

My favorite thing to tell my New Orleans home buyers – everything is figureoutable.

Now, let’s go find you an imperfect home.


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